Roof Replacement Rochester NY

A good roof is an important investment that adds value and protects your home.

Roof Replacement

Your roof goes through a lot. Blazing summers, frigid winters, torrential downpours… it’s no wonder it might be showing its age! If you’ve been thinking about a roof replacement, let me tell you why Monroe Roofing & Siding should be your trusted partner in this journey.

Remember, a roof replacement is an investment that protects your most valuable asset: your home. Depend on us to replace your roof to protect your home for years to come.


Roof Replacement Experts

If the roof of your home is falling apart, a roof replacement can help provide great benefits such as more security and stability, long term savings as well as an improved curbed appeal.

A new replacement roof can give your home a fresh look and boost property value. However, even if your roof was constructed using the best materials, it is likely to wear down over the years. At Monroe Roofing & Siding, we are here to help.


When Should You Replace Your Roof?

Roof is leaking
Shingles are loose or missing

Damaged flagship

Pipe collars are worn

Vents are damaged

Protecting your family from strong winds

Mold, mildew, or moss appear

Sections have collapsed

Aging Roof

Roof boards are deteriorating