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Rochester Torch-On Roofing

Torch-on roofs can be a lower maintenance option for your flat roof. A major benefit is that Torch-On Roofing requires less maintenance.

What is Torch-On Roofing?

Torch-on (or torch-down) roofing is a blend of resin and asphalt that is applied to the roof by a torch (hence the name). Torch-on roofs are perfect for commercial roofs and are equally great for flat or nearly-flat roofs. It’s resistance to the weather, rot, or even pests makes it a great selection to provide a roof with protection for a long time. If your building is in an area where water or snow can build up for longer periods of time, torch-on is a great choice to help as a water barrier for your roof.

There are two types of torch on roofing available, either a two layer system or a three layer system. The simple difference between the two is that the three layer system has an extra asphalt layer that will provide a longer life span for the roof. Depending on the need, either one of these types can be used on your project – ask us for more information as to what may be best for you.

Installation, done by a professional, is a simple process of rolling out the layers and applying heat via a torch. This then provides a strong and durable barrier to water for your building.


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The Benefits Of Torch-On Roofing

Torch-on roofs can be a lower maintenance option for your flat roof. It can be higher priced than the average tar and gravel roof, however, in recent years the price has been driven down. That being said, a major benefit is that it requires less maintenance. It has a high durability and can last up to twenty years or more. Some of the highlights of the benefits to torch-on roofing are:
Lower maintenance

Provide protection for UV ray damage

It is lighter than traditional flat roofing
It is very flexible, especially helpful when the temperature changes

Looks better than normal tar and gravel roofs

It can sometimes be installed right over the existing roofing material.

It has no loose gravel that can cause issues for drains or eavestroughs.